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Red Hot Show Girls
5 6.jpg

Red hot dazziling show girls, with

beautiful plumes of feathers, they are sure to wow your guests.

Hostess Girl

Perfect as master of ceremonies,

available with tray to serve refreshments

Tutti Frutti Rainbow Ladies
Rainbow dresses.jpg

With their heads in the clouds this magnificent pair are sure to catch your eye, dressed head to toe in a rainbow spectrum of colours.

Violet and Pink Flower Fairies
Flower Fairy Duo small.jpg

Two colourful fairies that flutter and glide through your event adorning it with their beautiful blooms.

Duo Mademoiselle Bianco
White Lady duo small.jpg

A pair of courtiers, straight from Paris

Topiary Twins

Don’t hedge your bets. Book this couple, as they’re a cut above the rest. Will add colour and sophistication to any garden event in their beautifully trimmed arbours.

1920's Gatsby Girls

Opulent Gatsby beauties from the roaring 20’s will add elegance to your event.

Lord and Lady Scarlett

To the manor born Lord and Lady Scarlett will grace you with their presence adding a touch of class to your event.

Dottie and Delila Daffodil Ladies
5 5.jpg

Meet Dotty and Delilah…

A host of golden daffodils fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Heavenly Tail

Heavenly Tail. Gorgeous show girl in a decrotive white bodice with a delicate heavenly bustle.

Can Can Girls
cancan2 2.jpg

From the stage of the Moulin Rouge, these three French Can Can girls will add a sense of Ooh la la to your event.

Carnival Queens

A regal pair that will grace any parade, in red and gold complementary bodices with contrasting wings and floral headdresses that will bring the  wow factor to your event

Pretty in Pink

These contrasting black and pink outfits add a touch of vibrancy  to your event

Elle Flamenco
5 8.jpg

Two sizzling Spanish beauties in traditional flamenco dresses, complete with fans to cool their ardent admirers!

Rose White

A real Yorkshire Rose, who's happy to travel! in white bodice and headdress adorned with beautiful blooms. Complete with rose bouquet

More photos coming soon
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