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St George

This impressive St George will fly the flag for your St Georges day events or be on call whenever you need a Knight in shinning Armour.

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Victorian Lady

Lady Elizabeth, loves to take a walk in the park dressed in her finery.

Princess and Dragon

Beautiful fairy tale princess sitting astride her faithful dragon Tarragon, will mesmerize young and old alike.

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1920's Charlston

Opulent beauties from the roaring 20’s.

Victorian Ladies
Victorian Ladies

Meet Lady Pearl and Lady Victoria

Glamorous Victorian ladies twirling their parasols from a bygone Dickensian age.

1970's Abba
2 3.jpg

Knowing me knowing you, you’ll want this pair of Abba dancing queens to groove at your 70’s themed events.

1960's Hippy

The swinging 60s brought to life with this pair of psychedelic hippies

looking for Woodstock, with flower power accessories to dress up the passers by.

Cave Girl
Cave Girl 1 small.jpg

From the depths of time this skin clad club wielding cave girl will bring the Neanderthal out in you.

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