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Alice in Wonderland

Alice's curiosity takes her to Wonderland  where she encounters The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit and The Queen of hearts.

Mad Hatter from Wonderland

Lewis Carrol's crazy character who’s always in search of a cuppa. A great addition to any tea or garden party!

Willy Wonka

Straight out of the pages of Roald Dahl's most famous story. Dahl's iconic chocolate factory owner is sure to delight young and old alike.

Cruella De Vil 101 Dalmations

The cruelest of aunts dressed head to toe in Dalmation fur coat and matching handbag. Keep your dogs on a lead!

Rainbow Princess

In her beautiful multi colored gown and rainbow hair this princess will brighten up any event and delight  children and the child in you.

Clumsy Clown
circus fun 012_1.jpg

This clown is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Little Bow Peep
little bow peeps.jpg
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Nursery rhymes favorite shepherdess has lost her sheep. Complete with crook to catch those frolicking lambs.

Sunny Sunflower

This magnificent bloom is sure to win any competition.

Queen of Hearts from Wonderland

The foul tempered monarch from Alice in Wonderland. Be sure to keep your head!

Scarecrow- Wizard of Oz

L Frank Baum’s lovable brainless Scarecrow following the yellow brick road will amuse your audience.

Ground based - Umpa Lumpa

One of Willy Wonka's mischievous employees is sure to cause mischief. ~WARNING Don’t try to stick him up your jumper.

Cave Girl
Cave Girl 1 Portrait 2.jpg

From the depths of time this skin clad club wielding cave girl will bring the Neanderthal out in you.

Indian Princess
Indian Princess.jpg

Exquisite princess in beautiful sari will add a touch of spice to a multitude of events

Daffodil Ladies

A host of golden daffodils fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Jadis Snow Queen Nania
Jadis Narnia.jpg

Jadis Narnias snow queen is

cold as ice. Aslans nemesis.

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Morticia Addams

Moricia frequently enjoys cutting the buds off of roses, which she discards (keeping only the stems), likes cutting out paper dolls with three heads and making sweaters with three arms.

White Rabbit from Wonderland
White Rabbit 1.jpg

The cutest rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, he won't be late with that pocket watch!

Tin Man-Wizard of Oz

On the road to Oz in search of a heart, the Tin Man with his oil can follows the yellow brick road!

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Straight from the Ball, this fairy tale pair will thrill your audience with their grace and charm. Maybe you could join them if the slipper fits

Peter Pan
Peter Pan 3.jpg

Straight from Neverland, the fairy tale boy who never grows up.

Sapphire Blue Pricess

This beautiful princess is sure to melt any prince's heart in her sumptuous sapphire blue gown.

Rainbow Ladies
Rainbow dresses.jpg

With their head in the clouds these magnificent pair are sure to turn heads, dressed head to toe in a spectrum of colours.

Dracula and Bride
Haymarket Halloween (1)_edited.jpg

Count Dracula and his bride, This wiicked pair are dressed to kill and chill.

Gomez Addams and Thing

Gomez Addams and Thing can escort the beautifly wicked Morticia

whom he adores more than death.

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