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Mr Hop
Easter Bunny Daddy Portrait 1.jpg

The noble Mr Hop

smartly dressed in his waist coat and shimmering pink tailcoat and fluffy tail!

Mrs Hop
Easter Bunny Mummy portrait 1.jpg

The delightful Mrs Hop

fashionably dressed in her pink flowery skirt

Baby Hop
Easter Bunny Baby Portrait 1.jpg

Baby Hop, the cutest, fluffiest bounciest baby bunny in town!

Performs on bouncy stilts

Bunny Family
Easter Bunny Family Portrait small.jpg

The Hops Bunny Family, great for all your Easter and Spring events! With the biggest carrot in town!

Daffodil Ladies
5 5.jpg

Meet Dotty and Delila...

Embellished with a host of golden daffodils fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

White Rabbit
White Rabbit Portrait 1.jpg

Straight from Wonderland the cutest White Rabbit that better not be late with his pocket watch. Compliments Alice or the Queen of Hearts

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